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In Philly there is a lot to do and a lot to see, meaning that there is a lot of influx from tourists competing for parking with locals. Combine all of the attractions of Philadelphia you have a city with a lot of congestion and few spots. Parking in Philadelphia can be a real hassle, especially for residents in search of long-term parking solutions. With ParkingSpotter, you can find monthly parking available in parking lots and parking garages near your residence.

In the past, it was typical on the crowded streets of Philly to have your car "boxed in" by a poor parallel parker or to have your side mirror taken off by a passing truck trying to squeeze through a tight street. ParkingSpotter can find you parking in Philadelphia that keeps your car in a protected lot staffed by an attendant or in a covered garage with a security gate for extra assurance.

Residents of the city already know what an ordeal it is to find a place to keep their car at the end of the workday. Potentially, you can circle your block for hours in search of a legal parking space. Not only is this process tiresome, but it is also a waste of time, not to mention expensive: over the course of 1 year, searching for curb parking in a 15-block business district accounts for approximately 950,000 vehicle miles of travel. That translates to a lot of wasted money on gas and time. You don't have to keep going in circles to find parking in Philadelphia; your parking solution could be ParkingSpotter.

The perfect parking lot or parking garage for your car could be right around the corner, and you may not even know about it yet. Using ParkingSpotter, you can search for parking near your address and learn about the local rates and options. Parking sellers advertise their available spaces to fill their lots and those looking for parking benefit from the competition in their area. It's a win-win situation, and you can find parking in Penn's Landing or parking in Templetown, or any other Philly neighborhood.

Our database of available parking spaces is growing rapidly. If you don't find any parking options on our Web site that meet your needs, provide us with your email, and we will notify you when spots become available.

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